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Patient experience, efficiency and cost effects of digital patient monitoring evaluated at the new study by Helsinki University Hospital

Urology department of Helsinki University Hospital has started a new research project ePRO-PCaRP/RT* evaluating patient experience, efficiency and cost effects of digital patient monitoring among prostate cancer patients. Kaiku Health application and an electronic questionnaire is used to evaluate the patient’s quality of life.

Over 600 prostate cancer patients treated with both surgery and radiotherapy will be invited to participate in the research. Duration of this randomized phase III trial is approximately two years and the results will be published in relevant scientific journals.

Digital monitoring can improve the follow-up of cancer patients

Care outcomes and patient engagement have been discussed widely in healthcare. Data regarding the outcomes is collected for example to quality registers. Patients’ quality of life has been traditionally measured with paper questionnaires filled during a clinical visit. In this study the aim is to identify the differences and benefits of electronic quality of life follow-up in comparison to traditional method.

Recent research has shown that collecting patients’ subjective experiences and turning them into structured data (ePROMs) can have significant impact on care outcomes.

Electronic data capture enables the analysis of big data in order to provide personalized care for the patients, improve quality of care and possibly to review care recommendations.

Read original news by Helsinki University Hospital (in Finnish).

* Electrical Patient Reported Outcome of Prostate Cancer ProstaTectomy / RadioTherapy


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