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One year of partnership between Tübingen University Hospital and Kaiku Health

Tübingen University Hospital, one of the most renowned hospitals in Germany, and Kaiku Health, a digital health interventions platform for patient-reported outcomes, celebrate the first year of their partnership by looking ahead.

Founded in 1805, the Tübingen University Hospital is one of the 34 university hospitals in Germany that contribute to the successful combination of high-performance medicine, research, and teaching. The hospital has four centres that the federal government has initiated for health research. Kaiku Health is currently used by mainly prostate cancer patients in acute radiotherapy treatment and with monitoring late-emerging symptoms to improve treatment quality and patient safety.

Kaiku Health helps the clinical staff at Tübingen gather more information on patients’ conditions and experiences during and after care. The platform automatically notifies the care teams, if a patient’s symptoms worsen during the treatment course. This helps the clinical staff be better informed and provide quality care where it is most urgently needed. In addition to the AI-powered monitoring of patients’ symptoms and patient-reported outcomes, Kaiku Health connects patients with the care teams and provides timely support and guidance throughout the treatment pathway. This personalised support further helps to improve the quality of life for patients

“Here in Tübingen, we already have experience with the digital recording of side effects through ePROMs. Using the Kaiku Health platform, our patients can now very easily record their symptoms and side effects and in addition, the patients receive further information on their therapy. We as the treatment team can access the data at any time and intervene if necessary. Together with Kaiku Health, we look forward to expanding the application to other tumor entities and attracting even more patients to use Kaiku Health”, says PD Dr. Cihan Gani, Associate Medical Director & Project leader ePROMS at the Department of Radiation Oncology at Tübingen.

“It is always wonderful to see our clinical partners harness the power of digital health interventions to help their patients in an even more personalised manner. Tübingen is particularly special to our teams at Kaiku Health and Elekta due to its pioneering research in the field of digital interventions and predictive models for patients receiving precision medicine. Tübingen is also utilizing Kaiku as a part of MOSAIQ Plaza”, says Lauri Sippola, Co-founder and CEO at Kaiku Health.

The partnership continues with both sides excited for the future. Already at the beginning of 2022, Tübingen University Hospital is looking into expanding the use of Kaiku Health to more patient groups receiving radiotherapy.


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