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Netmedi starts cooperation with the German HELIOS Clinics

Netmedi has started a cooperation with the helios.hub in Berlin as a first step to apply Kaiku Health platform for the digital follow-up of cancer patients during their therapy and recovery at the cancer clinics of the HELIOS Kliniken in Germany.

“At HELIOS we are looking at our business from the point of view of patients, and want to use digital technology to improve our care and service processes. Cooperating with innovative companies like Netmedi ensures that we are at the forefront of developing the German healthcare sector. Netmedi has achieved great results with other European cancer centers and we are excited to work together with them in order to take our treatment outcome follow-up to the next level “, says Tobias Meixner, Head of helios.hub, Berlin.

Kaiku Health web application asks the right questions from the patient at the right time according to the therapy phase, provides advice and enables secure communication online with the care team. Consistent follow-up of adverse events and patients’ quality of life ensure that the care team stays up-to-date on their patientäs health status. With Kaiku Health, the cancer centers and researchers get ten times more data on the outcomes. Kaiku Health supports several treatment options of nine common cancer types: breast, prostate, melanoma, liver, bile duct, pancreas, colorectal, lymphomas as well as head and neck. In addition to the recent HELIOS cooperation, 18 clinics and institutes in Finland, Sweden and Switzerland have integrated Kaiku Health to their workflow.

helios.hub is the eHealth accelerator of the HELIOS Kliniken, the largest privately owned clinic chain in Germany. helios.hub supports start-ups to develop, test and bring digital applications into the clinical practice. HELIOS provides piloting possibilities in more than 100 clinics and a network that includes other care providers, patient representatives and experts from all medical and technical disciplines.

Contact in Germany:

Dr. Michael Wagener
Business Development
+49 421 222 98 315


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