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Netmedi goes Kaiku Health

Our users love our Kaiku Health brand and so do we.

To keep things simple, to strengthen our message and to support our international growth, we have decided to establish Kaiku Health as our company name. Thus, this is a farewell to our good old Netmedi name.

“Kaiku” is Finnish word for echo. A sound or sounds caused by the reflection of sound waves from a surface back to the listener. This describes well what Kaiku Health does in order to enable improved quality of life through health data science. Currently over 30 European hospitals and clinics are using our platform to better monitor their patients, reducing manual work and allowing prioritization of clinical actions. This along with the capture and analysis of real-world data paves way for more personalized and effective care of each patient.

Kaiku Health team has grown over the summer and we have several exciting projects in the pipeline. We are ready and eager to expand our operations in Nordic countries, Central Europe and US.

For more information, please contact

Lauri Sippola
CEO & Co-Founder
+358 40 744 7481

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