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Kaiku Health supports over 50K patients

We reached a new milestone today: there are now 50 000 registered patients connecting with their care teams on Kaiku Health. This makes Kaiku Health the leading electronic patient-reported outcomes platform provider in routine health care in Europe.

Patients use Kaiku Health to connect with their care teams and report on their symptoms between clinical visits. The care team receives all new data through the platform, and relevant information is highlighted according to an intelligent alarm algorithms. If needed, patient-reported data can be directed to a specialist with one click. Enabling patients to report their health at any given moment not only helps alleviate stress, but also ensures that the care team is always up-to-date on patients’ condition and can react to alarming symptoms early on.

“We are humbled by the number of people using our platform. Our digital platform for monitoring patient-reported outcomes was first applied in routine care in 2012. Since day one, we have been focused on building a solution that meets both the needs of patients and their care teams. Our continuous growth in number of users shows that Kaiku Health works in real life. Also, it shows that our team has developed an extremely efficient configuration and implementation process which is important for all the hospitals we work with. Together with patients and world-leading medical experts, we strive towards our mission of improving lives through health data science. Supporting one patient at a time”, states Lauri Sippola, CEO and Co-Founder of Kaiku Health.


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