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Kaiku Health support joins Elekta Care Support Center in Europe

Kaiku Health user support for health care providers has joined Elekta Care Support Center (ECSC) in Europe. As of January 24th 2022, ECSC provides technical assistance to Kaiku Health customers in the region. This excludes the Nordic countries that will join the Care Support Center later in the year.

With ECSC, the healthcare personnel users of Kaiku Health get more extensive support. The language of the service is not restricted to English anymore but includes also the main European languages from German, French, and Italian to Portuguese and Spanish. The clinics can also have first hand Kaiku Health support on the phone to tackle challenges more urgently. The support function continues to be under systematic monitoring to ensure service quality.

Elekta Care Support Center has Kaiku-focused personnel available every weekday from 9:00 to 17:00 CET.


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