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Kaiku Health starts collaboration with a large biotech company in cancer immunotherapies

Finnish health data science company Kaiku Health, which develops complementary digital health interventions in oncology, has entered into a collaboration with Roche to develop unique patient support in cancer immunotherapy. The collaboration brings together the expertise of Roche in cancer immunotherapies and global market access with the competence of Kaiku Health in developing digital symptom management and clinical implementations in routine care.

“In co-creating with Roche, we are investigating how to best combine digital interventions with administered drugs in order to provide optimal patient care. This collaboration is the first of its kind and could lead to increased adoption of digital patient monitoring in clinical practice and next generation support for cancer patients,” says Lauri Sippola, CEO at Kaiku Health.

Kaiku Health and Roche aim to launch and pilot the new patient support modules for immune checkpoint inhibitor monotherapy and combination therapy in the first half of 2019 in Germany, Switzerland and Finland. The objective of the collaboration is to develop personalised care and access for cancer patients in close collaboration and co-creation with patients and healthcare providers.

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