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Kaiku Health receives Digi-HTA recommendation

Kaiku Health, the developer of digital health intervention platform in oncology, has received the Digi-HTA recommendation of use. The Digi-HTA is a criteria tool for assessing digital healthcare services’ (eg. mobile apps, AI solutions, and robotics) suitability for use in healthcare.

The recommendation states that:  “The Kaiku Health service is suitable for monitoring the well-being of a patient with cancer during and after active cancer treatments. The service can help the patient manage their symptoms and get treatment when severe symptoms occur”. 

The Digi-HTA covers key elements of healthcare services, such as effectiveness, costs, usability, and safety. Based on the criteria, experts conducting health technology assessments (HTA) can give recommendations on how suitable different products are for use in healthcare. The recommendations support health policy and clinical decision making. The product developers and manufacturers can use the criteria also for self-assessment and in product development.

“Kaiku Health is among the very first digital health innovations to be assessed; and the first one in oncology. Many years of hard work has resulted in a product which, also according to independent assessment, improves patient safety and quality of life during cancer treatments which are often associated with even severe adverse effects.” states adjunct professor Vesa Kataja, the CMO of Kaiku Health.   

In addition to Digi-HTA Framework, Digi-HTA utilizes two requirement documents that are developed in Kyber-Terveys –project as data security and protection assessment criteria.

Digi-HTA is developed in collaboration with The Finnish Coordination Centre for Health Technology Assessment (FinCCHTA). It coordinates Health Technology Assessment (HTA) in Finland, cooperates with international HTA bodies, as well as develops HTA methodological training and strengthens its related research.

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About Kaiku Health

Kaiku Health is a digital health intervention platform classified as a Medical Device in cancer care. Its algorithms screen symptoms, notify the care team and provide personalised support for patients. Kaiku Health has modules for over 25 cancer types across different cancer care pathways and is currently in use in leading European cancer clinics and hospitals. Kaiku Health is a part of Elekta.


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