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Kaiku Health follow-up algorithm for cancer patients treated with immunotherapy enters a multi-center clinical trial

A novel follow-up algorithm for cancer immunotherapy, developed by digital health company Kaiku Health, is undergoing clinical validation in a multi-center trial conducted at Oulu University Hospital, Turku University Hospital and Docrates Cancer Center in Finland.

Patients treated with immune checkpoint inhibitors PD-1, PD-L1 and CTLA-4 antibodies are provided with the Kaiku Health web application to report on their symptoms and quality of life in real-time. Algorithms screen the patients’ symptom data and alert the care team according to the severity of symptoms. The study aims to unveil the impact of digital monitoring in managing immune-related adverse events, as well as patient compliance to the new follow-up method. The research centers are currently recruiting patients for the trial and first results are expected during 2018.

“We still have limited knowledge of the adverse effects when treating patients with immune checkpoint inhibitors. The effectiveness of these treatments is based on their ability to activate the body’s own T lymphocytes. These T cells can also attack healthy tissues, which is why some adverse effects resemble autoimmune diseases. This sets new requirements for patient follow-up,” explains Jussi Koivunen, MD and principal investigator from Oulu University Hospital.

“We have already seen promising results in electronic symptom reporting in conventional cancer treatment follow-up. We are now looking into how electronic symptom monitoring might aid in symptom management of immune-related adverse events. Simultaneously, the study will accumulate data for further analysis and development of given new treatments.”

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