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Kaiku Health COVID-19 guidance

Cancer patients are among COVID-19 risk groups. Our team is offering our help to clinics and hospitals in planning their patient management and communication processes remotely through Kaiku Health in order to reduce cancer patients’ need for unnecessary clinical visits and possible exposure to the virus. For instance:

  • Many non-urgent questions from patients can be handled in Kaiku Health. You can advise your patients to use the Kaiku Health encrypted communication and messaging as well as symptom management features to all non-urgent treatment-related questions to decrease phone call burden, thus prioritising phone lines for more acute cases and matters.
  • If your clinic does not have the communication feature enabled, you can contact us for activating it remotely.

At Kaiku Health, we are closely monitoring the situation on COVID-19. We continue to provide our services to our customer clinics with full operations as usual but are taking some precautions.

For the time being, all trainings and meetings with clinics and hospitals will be executed preferably through digital channels preferred by the hospital, such as web conferencing. 

We urge any clinic or hospital to contact us with questions on how Kaiku Health could be utilised to support their care processes and protect risk groups. You can find the contact details in your geographic area from here.


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