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Kaiku Health CEO and Founder Lauri Sippola nominated as an MIT Innovator Under 35 in Europe 2019

Sippola is one of the 35 young innovators in Europe recognised by the annual MIT Technology Review nomination. He was awarded in the Entrepreneur category on his work in founding and leading Kaiku Health, a digital therapeutics platform used in cancer care. 

The 35 winners of 2019 were selected among over 1000 candidates by a judging committee of 116 professionals. The MIT Technology Review has been recognizing young entrepreneurs and innovators who use technology to solve a range of societal problems since 1999. The categories include entrepreneurs, humanitarian, pioneers, visionaries and inventors. 

In their reasoning the jury states Kaiku Health technology to be “an excellent demonstration of the need for and success of a monitoring platform for cancer patients.” Kaiku Health is currently used to monitor cancer patients’ symptoms, alert care teams and to predict symptoms in novel treatments in over 40 European cancer clinics and hospitals.

“Kaiku Health is using technology to make cancer care more personalised and predictive in order to improve the lives of cancer patients.”, says Lauri Sippola. “Cancer is one of the biggest health threats globally and building technology-based solutions that make cancer care more efficient and targeted is paramount – not only for the patients but for the future of health care. This recognition is a great reinforcement of the importance of our work”.

Sippola founded Kaiku Health in 2012 together with four co-founders and has led the strategy and growth of the company since as the CEO. During that time Kaiku Health platform has been implemented to over 40 cancer care units in Europe, including leading academic centers in Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Italy and Finland. Kaiku Health has raised 6M Euros in funding and currently employs over 35 people in three countries. 

In recent years Kaiku Health has focused on providing digital interventions in cancer care and specialised in novel therapies such as immunotherapy. Kaiku Health has also entered co-operations with global life sciences companies and established its own clinical validation programme. 

Read more on the nomination on the MIT Innovators Under 35 Europe 2019 website.

About Kaiku Health

Kaiku Health is a digital health intervention platform classified as a Medical Device in cancer care. Its algorithms screen symptoms, notify care team and provide personalised support for patients. Kaiku Health has modules for over 25 cancer types across different cancer care pathways and is currently in use in over 40 European cancer clinics and hospitals.


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