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Dr. Iya Khalil joins Kaiku Health Board of Directors

Kaiku Health has strengthened its Board of Directors with health data science and machine learning expertise as Dr. Iya Khalil joined the board in September 2019.

Dr. Khalil is a recognized healthcare and life sciences technology entrepreneur and the Chief Commercial Officer and Co-Founder of GNS Healthcare, a Cambridge based data analytics company. Her machine learning and AI expertise spans 18 years with applications in drug discovery, drug development, clinical trial optimization, real world evidence and pharmaceutical commercial applications as well as treatment algorithms that can be applied at the point of care.

“We are excited to have Dr. Khalil join the Board of Directors. Her experience in turning AI technologies into health innovations will be a great addition in fulfilling the Kaiku Health vision – providing personalised digital health interventions for cancer patients”, says Tanja Dowe, the Chairwoman of the Board.

Dr. Khalil will also act as the US advisor at Kaiku Health. She sees the role of digital therapeutics critical in the future of healthcare, especially cancer care.

“Cancer is increasingly evolving from a disease with few treatment that work to many treatments that could work but where we do not know what will work for whom and when. Understanding individual response to treatment and tailoring treatments is now the challenge in cancer.”        

Kaiku Health Board of Directors is chaired by Tanja Dowe and the members include Juha Ilola, Jaakko Ollila, Lauri Sippola and Dr. Iya Khalil. 


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