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Adjunct Professor Vesa Kataja joins Kaiku Health as the Chief Medical Officer

Kaiku Health has appointed Professor Vesa Kataja as the Chief Medical Officer of Kaiku Health. He will join the team full-time in February 2020.

Prof. Vesa Kataja is a seasoned specialist in Oncology and Radiotherapy and Adjunct Professor in Clinical Oncology. For the last five years he has worked as the Chief Medical Director at the Central Finland Health Care District.

“We are truly excited to have Prof. Kataja join our team. His experience in oncology both as a medical practitioner and in managing large health organisations will be a great asset for the whole team”, says Lauri Sippola, the CEO of Kaiku Health. “He has decades of first-hand experience on the very challenges we aim to solve – to help care teams provide optimised treatment and to make treatment more personalised for patients. He is also a renowned researcher with some 200 published peer-reviewed publications”.

Prof. Kataja has over 25 years of experience in scientific research as well as in clinical work in the field of clinical oncology. He has been an active member of ESMO since 1996, including service as National Representative, member and subject editor of the Guidelines Working Group, Spotlights Editor, member of the breast and prostate cancer faculties, and a member of the Publishing Working Group. He is also a member of several national cancer care boards and faculties in an advisory role.

“Promoting quality and value in health care has been the scope of my work as well as the topic of my many public presentations. Kaiku Health is doing just what I regard as an inevitable direction in cancer care  – it has not only given voice to patients concerning their own treatment, but also gone much further in breeding the use of the data for genuine benefit to them. Personalised digital health interventions are an integral part of the future value-based health care”, Vesa Kataja concludes.

As the Chief Medical Officer, Prof. Kataja will lead and oversee the evidence generation and clinical development at Kaiku Health.


About Kaiku Health

Kaiku Health is a digital health intervention platform classified as a Medical Device in cancer care. Its algorithms screen symptoms, notify care team and provide personalised support for patients. Kaiku Health has modules for over 25 cancer types across different cancer care pathways and is currently in use in over 40 European cancer clinics and hospitals.


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