For fertility care

For fertility care

Continuous counseling through patient's interactive treatment diary.

Better patient experience and compliance

With Kaiku Health the care team can provide fertility patients with an added sense of security and certainty. Patients can access their personal treatment plan anytime, anywhere. The application sends a mobile reminder to the patient to ensure correct intake of medication. 98% of fertility patients found Kaiku Health a beneficial support in their treatment.

Secure and effective communication

Patients can notify their care team about treatment related information, such as the first day of their period, or the result of the ovulation or pregnancy test.

Patients can also easily request guidance regarding the intake of medicines and injections, and pass other treatment related questions to the care team. Documents can be shared as attachments, significantly reducing manual work at the clinic. 75% of patients using Kaiku Health have reported that the need to telephone the clinic has either decreased or ended.

Automated treatment follow-up

The application can be used to collect any patient questionnaire electronically, such as patient information and quality of life forms. The response rate for the electronic questionnaires is over 80%. Consistent and structured patient data enables the care team to provide personalised care to every patient. If needed, the patient can be instructed to meet with the clinic’s psychologist.

Key features


  • TLS encrypted text based messaging via any web device
  • Video appointments

Treatment diary

  • SMS reminder for HCG injections
  • View to daily injections and medication
  • Daily instructions from care team

Data capture and analysis

  • Integration to HIS
  • Internationally validated and standardized follow-up instruments
  • Data dashboard on patient population

Getting quick answers to my questions delights me every time. Through Kaiku I can easily handle my treatment-related issues between clinical visits.

Laura, IVF patient

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