For clinical research

For clinical research

Automatic capture and analysis of patient-reported outcome data according to study protocol.

Configurable electronic questionnaires reduce manual work

Kaiku Health automates the capture of patient-reported outcome measures during clinical trials substantially decreasing manual work of the research team. Intelligent algorithms interpret the results according to corresponding scoring model and visualise results.

Kaiku Health supports both internationally standardised and customised questionnaires for structured data capture. As an ICHOM technology affiliate (International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement ) we provide research teams with a wide set of detailed standard sets for gathering Patient-Reported Outcomes in various specialties.

Improved patient experience and trial retention

Kaiku Health reinforces the relationship of the patient and the research team. The application can be configured to remind patients or provide personal instructions according to the study protocol. Maintaining continuous communication has been shown to lead to better trial retention (Raya P. M. & al. 2015).

Key features

Data capture and analysis

  • Configurable and adaptive forms, automatic email / SMS notifications and alerts
  • Identification of patients at risk and filtering according to urgency
  • Multi-dimensional and adaptive outcome reporting according to hospital, national and international standards (CTCAE, LENT SOMA etc.)
  • Dashboard to follow the progress, excel-/SPSS reports - Integrated to hospital information systems (HL7, XML and REST/JSON interfaces)

Support and education

  • Personalised self-care instructions for patients
  • Automated survivorship programs for patients (prostate and breast cancer, among others)
  • Therapy specific safety modules for patients and health care professionals


  • TLS encrypted text based messaging via web browser
  • Video appointments
Case example

University of Gothenburg, Skandionkliniken

Kaiku Health is used for data collection in PROTONCARE, a study on radiotherapy with protons or photons for patients with tumour or cancer diseases. The goal of the study is to describe and compare the efficacy, impact and experience, from the patient’s perspective, in connection with treatment with proton therapy compared to traditional radiotherapy.

Ulrica LangegÄrd, Gothenburg University
Institute of Health and Care Sciences

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