Metastatic cancer

Kaiku Health enables clinics and hospitals to effectively follow-up on their patients with metastatic cancers. Kaiku Health collects symptom and quality of life data directly from patients. The reported information is analyzed and visualized and the application alarms care teams in cases of severe symptoms or radical changes in well-being. Patients love to use Kaiku Health: up to 93 % of all information requested from patients through Kaiku Health is reported timely. Kaiku Health supports various types of metastatic cancer, including but not being limited to breast cancer, prostate cancer, gynaecological cancer and lung cancer.

PROMs extend and improve lives of metastatic cancer patients

Using digital patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) in treating metastatic cancer patients has been proven to extend life of patients while also improving their quality of life (Basch 2017, 2016). Kaiku Health has adopted the follow-up model presented by Professor Basch.

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