Improved engagement and outcomes through co-creation

Our Vision

The vision of Kaiku Health is that every cancer patient should have access to personalised digital health intervention. To achieve this, Kaiku Health provides its Life Sciences partners with the possibility to co-create therapy-specific modules to engage patients throughout their treatment journey. The co-created modules track symptoms, notify care teams and provide personalised support for patients.


Working together towards new means of patient support

Kaiku Health’s multidisciplinary team consists of oncologists, User Experience designers, software developers, and data scientists. By combining our experience in developing software as a medical device with our Life Sciences partner’s expertise in cancer treatment development, we can co-create truly novel digital patient support programs to improve patients’ engagement and experience in their treatment.

Our pioneering technology, powered by Machine Learning, is developed in compliance with international standards and is compliant with applicable medical device legislation. This ensures that co-created modules of our partners are always fully compliant with the applicable regulatory requirements. For instance, Kaiku Health is classified as a Class IIa Medical Device in Europe and a Medical Device under FDA’s enforcement discretion in the United States.

Product Pipeline

We are continuously engaged in clinical research to further develop Kaiku Health.

In collaboration with cancer research institutes, clinics and life sciences partners, we strive for being the forerunner in digital management of the most novel cancer therapies.

Area of medical oncology
Unmet need for digital health intervention identified
Discovery stage
Poc stage
Scale-up stage
CDK 4/6i (TKI)
KH 26
PARP inhibitor therapies (TKI)
KH 11
Hormone therapy
CAR-T Cell therapies
Stem cell transplantation

Benefits for Patients

Making a difference throughout the entire patient journey

In addition to implementing the co-created module at cancer centers, Kaiku Health ensures that clinics are also capable of supporting other patients of their institute – regardless of the therapies they are receiving.

How Kaiku Health Works in Comprehensive Cancer Care

1. Diagnosis
  • A patient always has access to relevant patient educational materials and resources
2. Treatment
Radiation Oncology Medical Oncology Surgical Oncology
  • Timely education on symptom self-management based on Patient-Reported Outcomes.
  • Automated triage of symptom reports for HCPs to intervene early and optimise patients’ therapies
3. Follow up
  • Capture on longitudinal outcomes also when a patient’s active treatments have ended
  • Detection of late-emerging symptoms and possible symptomatic relapse detection

What you accomplish

Digital symptom management can improve patients’ overall survival and quality of life.

Improved engagement and outcomes

Kaiku Health works jointly with its Life Sciences partners to better identify the treatment journey of each individual patient. By offering this tailored approach, the co-created modules can act as digital patient support programs to improve patient experience, timeliness, and accuracy of interventions of the healthcare providers. This also ensures that doctors and nurses can spend more time during clinic visits on the topics that are most important for the patient and her treatment.

Modules as Digital Therapeutics (DTx)

Similarly as physical drugs, also digital solutions have the potential to improve clinical outcomes of patients. By joining forces with Kaiku, the Life Sciences partner embarks on a journey to start supporting their patients beyond traditional medicine. Many countries, including Germany, Belgium, and France, are already granting reimbursement to digital solutions supporting patients’ treatments.

Harnessing Real World Data (RWD)

Granting clinics access to a therapy-specific module in routine care enables the Life Sciences partner to get anonymised and aggregated RWD on the symptoms of their medicine, from real-world use cases. Combined with the possibility to utilise Kaiku’s therapy-agnostic modules alongside the co-created module enables a rich pool of RWD for potential Phase 4 study settings.

Further Reading

Downloadable content to provide further insights on Kaiku Health’s approach on personalised digital health interventions

Our digital platform is developed in continuous collaboration with patients, healthcare professionals, and researchers. By bringing together experts from all fields and sharing knowledge we can take clinical outcomes and efficiency to the next level.

Patient-Reported Outcome Measures in Cancer Care: A Review of the Scientific Evidence

This whitepaper discusses the adoption of digital services by cancer patients which has been found to increase health-related quality of life and several aspects of patient experience. It presents several hindrances and facilitators of patient adoption and offers concrete steps to promote the use of digital health services by cancer patients. Read the full paper to learn more.

Kaiku Health has taken its first steps to predict treatment response of cancer patients for immune checkpoint inhibitor therapies with machine learning

In collaboration with Oulu University Hospital (OYS), Kaiku Health conducted a study which investigated whether machine learning (ML) could be used to predict the treatment response, or more specifically objective response rate (ORR) of ICI treated patients, based on clinical and patient-reported data. ORR was defined as the proportion of patients in whom partial (PR) or complete (CR) responses were seen as the best overall response.

Increasing the understanding behind treatment response and immune-related adverse events in cancer patients treated with immune checkpoint inhibitor therapies

Kaiku Health and Oulu University Hospital (OYS) aim to increase the understanding behind treatment benefit and onset of complex immune-related adverse events (irAEs) associated with immune checkpoint inhibitor (ICI) therapies. The findings from this study conducted were currently presented in the prestigious ESMO 2020 Virtual Congress.


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