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Kaiku helps clinical staff provide better care for patients at Hirslanden

Hirslanden Private Hospital Group offers versatile healthcare services in its 17 hospitals in Switzerland. They have adopted Kaiku Health digital patient monitoring platform to improve treatment quality and patient safety.

Hirslanden chose to use Kaiku Health for monitoring patient reported outcomes as they found the platform to best suit their needs.

Our goal is to provide the patients with the latest and best possible care. This involves adopting the latest technologies to complement the proven clinical practices. It is unbelievable how Kaiku team is committed to continuous development of the platform with us, Christian von Briel, MD, the Specialist in Radiotherapy, says.

Kaiku helps keep track of patients’ symptoms

According to von Briel, Kaiku helps the care team to prioritize tasks due to better information on patients’ condition. Documentation is more precise and the care team is able to react to the patients’ needs faster.

Patients use Kaiku to document their treatment-related symptoms for example on their phone wherever, whenever. Kaiku is very easy and flexible to use and we are happy to show patients how to use it if needed, Anita Gutierrez, BSN, MS Oncology and Palliative care, tells.

Before we started using Kaiku Health, our documentation was not precise enough. Now that we have Kaiku, I can’t imagine working without it anymore, Gutierrez continues.

“Continuity of care is what our patients value”

Kaiku helps clinical staff gather more information on patients’ condition and experiences during and after care. Clinical staff is better informed and can therefore provide quality care where it is most urgently needed.

Kaiku made it possible for patients to be more independent and to contact us at any time. Continuity of care is what our patients value, von Briel emphasises.


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