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Kaiku Health’s next chapter with Elekta

The world has changed because of the COVID-19. Our vision at Kaiku Health has not. Actually, our vision is more palpable than perhaps ever before. We are here to provide personalised digital health intervention for every cancer patient. Digital interventions can improve outcomes of cancer care by optimising symptom management, improving care team workflows and generating meaningful real-world evidence.

The inevitable direction of digital becoming a standard part of value-based patient care has taken a major leap during the last months. The unfortunate pressure caused by the global pandemic has forced everyone to reimagine delivery of care, making digital the new standard. We have experienced this at Kaiku Health first-hand when our team has remotely implemented new digital intervention modules for many cancer centres, activated video appointment features and developed novel symptom management algorithms for COVID-19, already in clinical use with several leading hospitals in Switzerland and Finland. I want to thank the whole Kaiku Health team for the extraordinary work during the crises, wholeheartedly caring of the healthcare providers who work at the frontlines – and of patients who are using Kaiku application in their everyday life.

Providing personalised digital health intervention for every cancer patient globally is of course a vast task. We fully understand that this task is not achieved alone but requires great partners. Global partners enable us to reach healthcare providers and patients quicker. Through partnerships we have the opportunity to provide access to patients globally. At the same time, we create a unique global network of healthcare providers and researchers who can leverage meaningful data at scale in order to improve outcomes. We are committed to responsibly develop this network as an open platform.

We are extremely excited to partner with Elekta. Elekta, headquartered in our neighbour city Stockholm, is a global leader in oncology information systems and radiotherapy devices with a global presence in over 120 countries and an install base of over 4000 treatment systems. We are proud to become part of the Elekta family with the excellent team led by Richard Hausmann as the CEO together with Andrew Wilson in Oncology Informatics, Adina Symreng in Strategy and ultimately strong entrepreneurial roots established by the Elekta founders.

We will continue serving all our customers and partners with the culture of innovation of which Kaiku Health is known for. Now we have the capacity to support our partners on a truly global scale, co-creating personalised digital health interventions and digital therapeutics in the most novel therapy modalities.

Since founding Kaiku Health in 2012 we have been committed to improving lives of cancer patients.

We will continue driven by exactly the same mission. Echoing Richard Hausmann: Kaiku Health is here until cancer isn’t.

Welcome to our next chapter.

Yours sincerely,


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