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Kaiku Health expands collaboration with Roche in digital patient monitoring and management

Kaiku Health will co-develop novel digital patient monitoring and management modules in oncology, in a feasibility program conducted together with Roche.

Cancer patients can experience a variety of disease or treatment-related symptoms, which need to be detected and managed in a timely manner. Digital Patient Monitoring and Management (DPMM) solutions can enable this and improve cancer patient care.

The feasibility program aims to develop three disease and treatment specific DPMM modules and test their implementation in clinical practice. The DPMM modules are developed with the aim to improve quality of life for patients, optimize healthcare resource utilisation, improve clinical workflows, and enable real-world evidence generation.

Kaiku Health will be responsible for developing the three new DPMM modules specific to Roche medicines, with a focus on cancer immunotherapy and other personalised cancer therapies, and will implement and test them together with Roche in selected clinics in a real-world setting.

“By combining digital interventions with precision medicine, Kaiku Health and Roche aim to generate data in a real world setting to validate how electronic patient reported outcomes can support patient care in cancer immunotherapy and other personalised therapies. The program also focuses on establishing a blueprint for providing personalised digital health intervention for every cancer patient and supporting optimal care in cancer immunotherapies and personalised therapies, “says Lauri Sippola, CEO and Co-founder of Kaiku Health.

About Kaiku Health

Kaiku Health is a digital health company aiming to improve cancer patients’ quality of life through health data science. Our digital health intervention platform has modules for over 25 cancer types across different cancer care pathways and is currently in use in over 40 European cancer clinics and hospitals. Kaiku Health is a part of Elekta.

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