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Elekta launches Kaiku Health in the United States

In May 2020, Elekta announced that it will further develop its focus on cancer care providers and their patients through its acquisition of Kaiku Health. A key element of the acquisition was that the Kaiku platform can be integrated with Elekta’s MOSAIQ® Oncology Information System. Kaiku Health is now available in the US as a part of MOSAIQ Plaza. 

The benefits of having Kaiku Health integrated into the MOSAIQ Plaza offering include: centralized touchpoints for the care team, frictionless communication with the patient and the ability to monitor, triage and guide the patient. 

Kaiku Health introduces a seamless way to systematically monitor patient-reported outcomes during active treatment and after treatment, while providing support for cancer patients throughout their treatment pathway. Kaiku Health is designed to support clinical workflows in comprehensive cancer care.

Kaiku Health and Elekta are building a strong integrated offering to ensure that the care team of each patient is always up-to-date on the development of the patients’ condition. Today, the patient reported outcomes data, captured through Kaiku Health, is automatically available within MOSAIQ. Next, Kaiku Health will provide access to treatment appointment data for a convenient patient reference. Cancer centers will also be able to schedule Patient-Reported Outcomes questionnaires in relation to these planned appointments.

“We are truly excited about launching Kaiku in new markets, such as the United States. Together with Elekta, we can offer patient symptom management for optimized cancer care and improve the quality of lives of people living with cancer”, says Lauri Sippola, CEO at Kaiku Health. 

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