Our Mission

Kaiku Health was founded to improve the quality of life for cancer patients.

What We Do

Personalised digital health interventions for cancer patients

Kaiku Health is a platform for digital health interventions. It provides patient-reported outcome monitoring and intelligent symptom tracking. The use of Kaiku Health helps cancer clinics provide optimised care through timely symptom management and improved workflow.

Kaiku Health is CE-marked as MDD class IIa medical device.

Creating value for cancer patients, healthcare providers and cancer research

Personalised support and improved quality of life for patients

Kaiku Health is a patient’s companion throughout different phases of therapy. It reduces uncertainty around symptoms by educating patients on their self-management strategies. Digital symptom monitoring can help cancer patients live longer, reduce ER visits and improve their quality of life.

Improved symptom management for care teams

Algorithms triage patients’ symptom reports, which helps clinical staff prioritise their daily work. Multidisciplinary care teams have access to a comprehensive decision support dashboard, which enables intervening to symptoms early. Clinics using Kaiku Health report decreased phone call burden and more efficient patient visits and contacts.

Real world data on the effectiveness of therapies for cancer research

Regulatory-grade patient-reported outcomes data combined with clinical data opens significant new opportunities for evaluating the safety profile and effectiveness of treatments and their long-term outcomes in a real-world setting. This enables the development of new, better targeted ways to treat cancer.


Kaiku Health is currently used in clinical routine use by thousands of cancer patients of over 25 different cancer types.

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Driving a big change requires dedicated and passionate people from various fields. We are growing and always interested in hearing about ambitious professionals in oncology, technology and data science, among others. Check out our open positions!


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