Information security overview

Ensuring data security and providing secure cloud services is paramount to us at Netmedi.

This is an overview of our information security that addresses the main concerns related to processing sensitive health information in a cloud service. Please contact us for more detailed description of all the efforts we do to maintain the highest possible level of information security.

Kaiku® Health is easy to learn and effortless to take into use

Patients use Kaiku® Health on their own preferred device (computer, tablet, smartphone). The patient does not need to install anything – Kaiku Health is accessed via browser.

Similarly, clinical staff users can use Kaiku® Health on their work computer or on a personal device, enabling working remotely.

Kaiku® Health’s extensive interfaces can be leveraged to integrate with other IT systems

Kaiku® Health includes inbound and outbound interfaces (e.g. HL7 and REST/JSON), enabling easy integrations between Kaiku Health and other IT systems. We have experience from several successful integration projects.

Kaiku® Health can be hosted in Netmedi’s secure cloud or on-premises

Hosting Kaiku® Health in Netmedi’s secure cloud is the easiest option: the customer does not need to install or maintain anything or worry about back-ups. Netmedi takes care of everything. The data is stored on our professionally maintained servers that are located within the European Union.

For customers who wish to host Kaiku® Health on their own servers, we offer support in setting up the required infrastructure.

The hospital and the patient own the data entered in Kaiku® Health

All intellectual property rights to the personal health data entered in Kaiku® Health by the medical staff or patients will remain the exclusive property of the hospital and the patient. The patients can easily export all their personal data from Kaiku® Health. Access to data is granted to only those personnel whose work requires it. We also aim to find ways to use the accumulated, anonymized data for the benefit of research and development of better treatments in the future.

We guarantee high availability of Kaiku® Health

Kaiku® Health has a track record of 99,9% uptime and we intend to keep it this way.

All connections to and from Kaiku® Health are secure

All connections to and from Kaiku® Health are encrypted using TLS, allowing Kaiku® Health to be used safely even over an open WiFi.

Kaiku® Health has a complete and traceable logging

Kaiku® Health maintains a complete audit log of every action (who viewed what information and when).

Kaiku® Health is developed according to modern standards

Our risk management process is compliant with the international standard ISO 14971 and our software development and maintenance processes are compliant with IEC 62304 standard.