Kaiku Health is currently used in four countries and 20+ clinics or institutes. Read what few of our customers are saying about Kaiku Health.

  • When we first started with Kaiku Health, our clinical staff was afraid that it would burden them with additional duties on top of the daily routines.
    Soon we noticed that Kaiku Health actually improves our care processes and allows us to focus on those patients who need us the most. We can answer the patient's questions timely, and unnecessary calls have diminished in number.

    Eeva-Liisa Sirviö, Head Nurse, Väestöliitto Clinics
  • With Kaiku Health we can easily communicate with our current and previous patients. Digital follow-up enables us to react timely to patients’ symptoms or other problems.
    We can guide the patient to the right place at the right time, and offer concrete support online. Depending on the situation we either invite the patients to the clinic or guide them to primary health care.

    Ongoing communication with the patients also provides us with valuable information about late-effects, which we can use to develop cancer care.

    Päivi Lähteenmäki, Senior Consultant in Pediatric Hemathology and Oncology, Tyks Cancer Center
  • With Kaiku Health we are able to continuously monitor the progress of treatment, to react to alarming symptoms, as well as to develop treatments further based on the accumulated data. After all, only the patients themselves are best aware of changes in their well-being and know when to report possible warning signs to the care team.

    With Kaiku, patients can do this any time – regardless of their location.

    Dr. Med. Christian von Briel, Radiotherapie Hirslanden AG
  • When compared to traditional communication via telephone, Kaiku Health provides a systematic way of documenting patient data automatically. This improves the time management of medical staff.
    It is easier for patients to report their adverse events timely in Kaiku rather than remembering all the details when at the clinic.

    Many of the symptoms can be managed when recognized early on.

    Tuomo Alanko, Chief Physician in Medical Oncology, Docrates Cancer Center