Personal guidance during fertility treatments

Kaiku® Health enables effortless communication with the patients and helps the care team to provide comprehensive care.

Improved patient counselling and outcome follow-up

The care team at the fertility clinic can easily gather data on their patients' health status and quality of life, follow their progress and communicate with them online. Consistent and structured patient data enables the care team to provide personalized care to every patient.

Fertility patients are able to easily ask questions from their own care team online - anywhere, anytime. Patients can also report on their health condition and well-being, monitor their own progress and take an active role during the treatments.

When we first started with Kaiku Health, our clinical staff was afraid that it would burden them with additional duties on top of the daily routines.
Soon we noticed that Kaiku Health actually improves our care processes and allows us to focus on those patients who need us the most. We can answer the patient's questions timely, and unnecessary calls have diminished in number.

Eeva-Liisa Sirviö, Head Nurse, Väestöliitto Clinics

Comprehensive digital solution for fertility clinics

Secure and effective messaging

Kaiku® Health enables TLS secured messaging between patient and their medical staff. Documents can be shared as attachments. 75% of the patients have reported that the need for phone calls has decreased or ended.

Easy information gathering

Kaiku® Health can be used to collect any patient questionnaire electronically, such as patient information and quality of life forms. The response rate for the electronic questionnaires is over 80%.

Consistent outcome follow-up

Kaiku® Health supports the counselling work by providing the care team with consistent data on patient's health status and quality of life. Kaiku® Health enables the use of internationally validated and standardized instruments for quality of life follow-up, such as FertiQoL.

Treatment diary and personal guidance

Patients can view their own treatment plan electronically. Kaiku® Health can remind the patient according to the treatment plan and provide additional support.

Easy access

Kaiku® software can be used on any device (smartphone, tablet, computer). Taking it into use does not require installations.

Flexible integrations

With a flexible interface engine, Kaiku® Health can be efficiently integrated to the hospital’s other information systems. Currently HL7, XML and REST/JSON interfaces as well as Single Sign-On integrations are available.

Request a demo

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