Your invidual guide through cancer treatment and recovery

Kaiku® Health helps you to understand the therapy process, monitor your progress and securely communicate with your care team between clinical visits.

You are never alone with your concerns

Kaiku® Health web application provides you with relevant information and advice at the right time, based on your health status and well-being. With Kaiku® Health, your clinical staff is updated on your well-being, and thus are able to offer the best help available.

Getting started

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Using Kaiku® Health

As a Kaiku® Health user, you receive the best individual care and timely feedback from your care team.
Kaiku® Health asks important questions from you according to your therapy phase, and provides your care team with clear information about your well-being. This way you and your care team are always up-to-date.
Kaiku® Health provides you with immediate and continuous support around the clock. You get information about your treatment, possible side effects, and instructions on how to handle them. All exactly when you need it.
At Kaiku® Health you can easily have a comprehensive and updated overview on your therapy progress. You can also share your results with your family members.

Patient stories

What patients say about Kaiku® Health

It is calming to know that I can contact the professionals at my clinic at any time and that the state of my health is being monitored continuously. Using Kaiku helps me save time and money in being able to report to my care team online and not having to make unnecessary trips to the clinic.

Pentti, 77 years

With Kaiku it has been effortless to communicate with my care team also during the follow-up period. Kaiku feels very personal. Being able to follow my laboratory results online has also made my life a lot easier.

Martti, 67 years

Kaiku is an excellent and very user-friendly tool in the long-term monitoring of an illness. I have access to all the reports I’ve sent, and can download all my information at any time.

Tom, 54 years

It has been beneficial for me to be able to monitor the timing of side effects. In my case, they appeared cyclically as I underwent treatment sessions every three weeks. With the help of Kaiku, establishing which side effects appeared at certain stages of the cycle was straightforward, which made preparing for them easier.

Eva, 43 years

For a cancer patient whose life has been devastated by the diagnosis, Kaiku provides an extremely convenient means of communication. As a Kaiku user, I know I can get in touch with the hospital, hassle-free.

Pertti, 46 years

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You can use Kaiku® Health on any computer, tablet or smart phone as long as you are connected to the internet.
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