You and Kaiku® Health deliver upgraded cancer care

Kaiku® Health is a web application that enables management and automation of patient-reported outcome collection during and after cancer treatment.

Digital follow-up of prostate cancer

Read how Kaiku® Health supports the prostate cancer patients during and after the treatment.
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Detecting patient concerns earlier results in increased quality of life for patients. With Kaiku® Health the medical staff is able to promptly provide the best available support in any phase of the treatment or during the long-term follow-up. According to 95 % of patients, Kaiku® Health has supported their treatment.

How it works?

Kaiku® Health automates the follow-up of patients by guiding and engaging them between clinical visits. Kaiku® Health asks questions at the right time based on a pre-defined program, provides advice and maintains communication flow with the care team.

Key features

  • Multi-dimensional and adaptive outcome reporting according to hospital, national and international standards (CTCAE, LENT SOMA etc) Information and care instructions
  • Information and care instructions
  • Automated survivorship programs for patients (prostate and breast cancer, among others)
A structured workflow with patient-reported data leads to improved vigilance and time management. Hospitals have seen a 75% reduction in patient calls among patients using Kaiku® Health. They have also been able to automate up to 80 % of their follow-up.

How it works?

The oncological care becomes continuous, as information on the patient’s status is always shared with the right people at the right time. Kaiku® Health identifies and signals changes in the patient’s condition in real time.

Key features

  • Configurable forms, notifications and alerts.
  • Secure, role-based communication, 95/46/EC compliant.
  • Identification of patients at risk and filtering according to urgency
Hospitals using Kaiku® Health have seen a tenfold increase of outcome data points, enabling better analysis and benchmarking on short- and long-term efficacy of cancer treatments.

How it works?

Patient-reported information combined with therapeutic data opens significant new opportunities for evaluating the treatments and their long-term outcomes, and thus enables the development of new, better targeted ways to treat cancer.

Key features

  • Individual patient outcome and process reports
  • Population-based reports and benchmarking tools
  • Clinical study support

Kaiku® Health Software as a Service (SaaS)

Easy-to-use online application complements clinical processes effortlessly.
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Accessible on any device (Smartphones, PCs, tablets)
  • Easily configurable content (any parameters or questionnaires)
  • Structured and automated data capture
  • Integrated to hospital information systems (HL7, XML and REST/JSON interfaces)
  • Localized to different languages (English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, Finnish)
  • CE-marked as Class 1 Medical Device

Kaiku® Health ensures data security

Professionally hosted secure cloud services ease the burden of the IT department.
  • ISO 14971 compatible risk management process
  • TLS encryption
  • Restricted access to patient data
  • Complete and traceable logging
  • High availability, service uptime of more than 99.9 %.
  • Regular back-ups of the collected data

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